We met working at a traditional ad agency where the combination of our skills and styles created some of the freshest, most meaningful work we’d ever done. Besides our crazy creative chemistry, we’d both had it with the ad scene. We were tired of the lack of female creative leadership and old school office cultures, and realized that if we wanted better for women and young people in the industry, it was on us to do something about it. And just like that, BlackPaint Studios was born. (Okay, maybe not JUST like that. A business plan and accountants were involved, but you get the idea.)

Today, our team specializes in branding, art and design rooted in cultural intelligence and human connection. Some of that work is done for clients. Some of it's self-directed and centered around cultural commentary.

By limiting client projects to those we can devote our full time and talent to, we’re able to put our whole heart and soul into making the people, brands and causes we believe in look really good. We work best with brands that stand for something and aren't afraid to be loud about it. Learn more about our services and how we work here.

Contact us: kt@blackpaintstudios.com | 414-731-0320

The Bossladies

  • Passion Projects

    BossLady Logo BossLady Project

    The BossLady Project is a street-level, multimedia campaign aimed at challenging the creative industry’s antiquated power structure and inspiring a more a new, more inclusive generation of leaders. Using design, music, art, and other creative expressions BlackPaint Studios and our co-conspirators are making noise about the ad world’s lack of women and POC in creative leadership roles by taking our message straight to the source — ad districts and college campuses across the country. More about the project here.

  • From Here to Her logo From Here to Her

    Every year, BlackPaint volunteers a portion of our time to help FROM HERE TO HER Artist Collective organize their annual public art project. FROM HERE TO HER is a national alliance of female art activists based in Milwaukee whose mission is to make their communities healthier, more equitable places for women and girls. They’re best known for their annual public art projects that challenge gender norms in popular culture. Visit the collective’s website for more info.