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BlackPaint has closed its doors. This website is now an archive of the work we did to shine light on organizations and causes we believed in from 2015-2022.

BlackPaint is a woman-owned art advocacy agency that designs public art and awareness campaigns for organizations and causes we believe in.

Our team of artists blends their unique backgrounds in traditional advertising and grassroots art activism to open people’s eyes, touch their hearts and inspire them to action. Sometimes that means billboards and branding. Other times, it means murals and short films. Whether the project is self-directed or on behalf of an organization we admire, everything we do is grounded in research, deep intentionality and our belief that art has a way of reaching people in a way that no other form of communication can.

Since opening our doors in 2015, we’ve been on a relentless mission to make the creative field safer and more equitable by using art to make noise about it in public spaces, working to increase the number of women and BIPOC in leadership roles through our Creative Leaders Fellowship program and by educating art and design students about their power as change makers. Along with producing standout creative work, our dedication to that mission has earned BlackPaint a national reputation as advocates for industry reform and opportunities to spread our message of radical change from platforms like the TED stage, Creative Mornings and Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

We work best with organizations that stand for something and aren’t afraid to be loud about it, and limit the number of projects we take on to those we can devote our full time and talent to. Learn more about BlackPaint’s services HERE.



BlackPaint is among just 0.1% of women-owned creative agencies in the United States. (Yes, that’s not even a full percent.) Owner and Creative Director, Katie Mullen, is an artist, writer and teacher. Before starting BlackPaint, she spent more than a decade working on both the agency and brand sides of advertising in Milwaukee and New York. As a longtime art activist, she leads BlackPaint’s mission to challenge the creative industry’s archaic power structure by organizing with other advocates, leading art actions and mentoring and developing young leaders. Katie is also the founder of FROM HERE TO HER, a collective of community artists best known for their 2011-2016 public art projects that explored social norms impacting women and girls. And she serves on the Board of Directors for one of Milwaukee’s oldest and most beloved community arts spaces, Walker’s Point Center for the Arts. Her Meyers Briggs personality type is INFJ. Exactly.



Born from our belief that artists have been some of the most effective instigators of change since…forever. The Eyes-Open Milwaukee Project is an ongoing series of multimedia advocacy campaigns that use art to bring awareness to issues impacting our city in a way that both opens people’s eyes and inspires them to take action. Done in collaboration with other artists and community organizations, we take on issues from voter suppression to mental health and challenge our fellow citizens to look at them in a new light. Visit the campaign website HERE.


In 2016, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin commissioned us to paint a mural on their headquarters building to celebrate the organization’s 80th anniversary. The image we created for it, known as The Goddess of Fierce Protection, was shunned by a male-dominated review board. The mural never went up. But the Goddess wouldn’t go away and she wouldn’t be quiet. In the years since, she’s been projected onto buildings, waved on flags at protests and installed in the Milwaukee County Courthouse to serve as a reminder of the importance of equal representation in decision-making. The story of the Goddess’ rejection and resurrection was also made into a documentary that premiered at the 2019 Milwaukee Film Festival.