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“Lasting change cannot be forced, only inspired.”

— Kao Kalia Yang

Artists shape culture. Because of that, we’ve been some of the most effective instigators of change since…forever. BlackPaint uses that power to help mission-driven organizations open people’s eyes and inspire them to take action. Our specialty is awareness campaigns and public art projects. And we use all kinds of creative mediums to execute both — from traditional tools like billboards and video to unexpected tactics like projection bombing and pop-up art installations. But our first love, and one of our favorite things to help organizations we admire with, is brand identity development. Why? Having a strong, cohesive look-and-feel is a game changer when it comes to getting your message across in the visually-driven environment we live and scroll in.

We believe in truth and beauty, and think the combination makes magic. That’s why everything we do is grounded by truth-seeking — studying people and culture so that our work has meaning and authority. Then we use art and design to give that knowledge emotional potency. In other words, our left and right brains have serious mutual respect for each other.

You can get quality, professional creative lots of places. Clients come to us for exciting, empathetic work that speaks to people at the heart-level.

Specific services are listed below.


Our work stands out. Not only because of our art-driven style, but because we build in time to learn about the people and things it will impact before we draw a line or write a word. That level of deep intentionality can mean waiting a little longer for the final product, but it’s always worth it. Every hour we spend on research and strategy upfront saves us ten hours down the road. And more importantly, it sets the stage for memorable creative that really connects.

These are our core services and examples of some of the unconventional tactics we use:

Strategy, branding & messaging

Brand Identity Development
Soul-Searching Workshops
     (For: insight-gathering, consensus-building, goal-setting)
Ethnography AKA The Study of People & Culture
Strategic Concepting & Positioning
Theme Development & Naming
Copywriting & Editing

Public Art Projects 

Issue-Specific Multimedia Public Art Projects
Artist Curation
Site-Based Art Exhibits & Installations
     (Ex: murals, window displays, 3D sculpture) 
Themed Merch Collections 
Unique Educational Takeaways
     (Ex: mixtapes, zines, posters, books)
Project Branding & Messaging

Awareness Campaigns 

Campaign Aesthetic & Message Development
Digital, Print & Outdoor Ads
On-the-Ground & Experiential
     (Ex: street posters & window art)
Audio & Visual Storytelling 
Themed Merch Collections 
Microsites & Landing Pages
Motion Graphics 


This is a promise to ourselves and our team of artists — that we will work under conditions where the value we bring is honored and where we have the time and freedom to do our best work. That means fair pay, reasonable timelines, trust and proper credit. Too often, artists are afforded few or none of these things in their partnerships with organizations and brands. We want to help change that dynamic for everyone in our field by educating our peers and partners about what fair working conditions look like and maintaining high expectations for that when it comes to our own work.

For lots of years, we’ve been sending our clients, fellows and friends The Culture Group’s brilliantly simple 13 Key Principles for Working with Artists. Hiring artists is new to many people. A lot of them really do want to work with artists in a respectful, equitable way but were never taught how. If you’re considering hiring us or other artists, it’s worth reading in advance.

When you work with BlackPaint you’re not only getting deeply intentional and impactful creative, you’re joining the movement for dignity for working artists.